Bloodwork can help diagnose a variety of internal disorders, by diagnosing and treating any underlying medical disorders, your veterinarian can better care for your pet’s health.

A complete blood count assesses the cells that are present in your pet’s blood. Abnormalities in your pet’s cell counts may indicate underlying disease. A complete blood count specifically looks at three types of cells that are found in the blood: Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and Platelets.

The serum biochemistry examines levels of a number of chemicals in the blood associated with organ function. The exact parameters that are checked in a blood panel will vary depending the particular panel your veterinarian recommends; young, healthy pets may receive a smaller biochemistry panel than senior pets. In general, however, a serum biochemistry will include values that assess your pet’s liver, kidneys, blood glucose, serum proteins, and possibly other parameters.

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